A Brief Discussion About I Bonds

This week we are talking about I bonds, purely to educate and inform on what they are as we have been getting a lot of questions recently. Series I Savings Bonds are a government-issued bond earning interest based on a fixed rate plus a variable rate based on inflation. This savings bond is issued directly by the U.S. Treasury and cannot be held at any brokerage firm or sold at banks.

  • Per person maximum annual investment = $10,000 (plus $5,000 using federal income tax refund)
  • 30-year maturity. Cannot be redeemed prior to one year. If redeemed after one year but before five years, the holder forfeits the last three months of interest.
  • The current variable rate (based on CPI-Consumer Price Index) on the new Series I Bond changed in May to 9.62%. This rate will be good through October.
  • The variable rate resets every six months.
  • To buy Series I Savings Bonds go to TreasuryDirect.gov . They are NOT SOLD IN OPEN MARKET, BANKS or RAYMOND JAMES.

Please refer to https://www.savingsbonds.gov for all information or to address any questions you may have.

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