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This picture speaks volumes

Take a look at the picture we show in the video.  I think it’s probably the most simple visual of what it looks like for people who choose the easy road versus the hard road, and what their potential experience looks like once they’ve made that choice.   

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“Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.”Malcolm Gladwell

Story time with Uncle Matt- A Tale of 5 Investors

In this episode of Matt’s Minutes, Matt shares a tale of five investors. In this story, each of these investors received a cash gift from their fairy godmother to invest. Some investors used their gifts wisely, making strategic investment decisions and multiplying their wealth; others did not. Click on the video above to see the various outcomes for the five investors. 

Where The Market Goes After It Hits The Bottom

This episode of Matt’s Minutes is a follow-up to last week’s video. "Matt's Minutes - What if I suggested we get out of the market?" Today’s video is about where the market goes AFTER it hits the bottom. As promised, we take a look at a visual that shows the returns of the market a year after a major decline. In the long run patient investors will continue to be rewarded for staying in the market.

What If I suggested We Get Out of The Market?

In this episode of Matt’s Minutes, I’m proposing a hypothetical question to you all. What if I suggested we get out of the market? Selling out of the market may give investors some short-term relief but long-term reflection could be filled with regret. Watch the video above to hear my rationale on why this is an important scenario to walk through during market downturns.

Unscientific Science

In this week’s Matt’s Minutes, we discuss a common pattern that has emerged over the years regarding the bottom of the market. Matt talks about the “unscientific science” behind client calls and market timing that may surprise most.  Essentially in our experience, the most concerned calls and emails from clients have historically peaked at a time when the market is bottoming out.  This isn’t a prediction of what we think is about to happen but calls and emails recently have hit an all-time high and it will be interesting to see where the market goes from here. 


Politics & The Market

Dylan discusses a hot and at times contentious topic. With the upcoming mid-term elections, you may be wondering how that may affect the stock market. Check out the video above to see Dylan breakdown some historical trends of the market during election periods. Once the midterm elections are over, we will be sure to follow up with some additional commentary.

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