Is This The Recession We Have been Waiting For?

In this episode of Matt’s Minutes, I share my thoughts and opinions on the recent market volatility we’ve been experiencing. Ultimately my primary focus is to educate my clients & provide good foundational advice. If you’ve been watching your accounts or the news and have been concerned about what you’re seeing and hearing, watch the video below.


In this video I share:

  • The average yearly pull back in the market
  • History of the markets
  • A 10% pullback in the market isn’t newsworthy
  • How much the market pulled back during 2020 in the beginning of COVID-19 & it’s recovery

Be sure to check out the video I sent out nearly one year ago – referenced in the above video.  My thoughts on the market were accurate:


Are we headed for a correction?

(Copy and paste this link into a chrome, internet explorer, or safari web browser to view the video)

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