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“Forecasting” the Markets for 2024

 In this weeks episode of Matt’s Minutes, Matt is sharing his number one most asked question of his career. “Matt what do you think the market is going to do next?” Today, we finally have an answer for you. But it’s important to remember, not to make concrete investment decisions based on people’s predictions of what the market is going to do. This information should be used for entertainment purposes only. Market predictions are speculative in nature and can often be inaccurate. Click on the video above to watch the full video.

Here is the article I reference in the video: Wall Street Forecasts For The S&P 500

What could be better than a 5% CD

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we are talking about CD rates, which are currently favorable. But it is crucial to consider potential shifts in other areas of the market for investment options for long-term growth. In this interesting visual I share, we can see from history that when CD rates were at their peak, other areas of the market might have been a better place to invest one year later. Click play above to watch the full video.

Where Are The Opportunities?

 In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, I’m recording from a two-day conference in beautiful Alderbrook. I just heard from chief market strategist Dr. David Kelly, who is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other financial media outlets. He shared some interesting insights and compelling visuals that support the idea that there are still plenty of opportunities within the market. The visual shared in this video provides a visual representation of the current undervalued categories within the market, highlighting the potential for growth and opportunity.

Are Bonds Broken?

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we were discussing bonds. While bonds may have disappointed us last year, it’s important to understand how interest rates impact the value of bonds and why they underperformed last year. In the video above, Matt explains this inverse relationship, and by understanding the dynamics of bonds, investors can anticipate how changes in interest rates may affect the value of bonds in their portfolios. 

Is hindsight really 20/20 vision?

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we are discussing hindsight—is it really 20/20? Hindsight may seem like 20/20 vision because it allows us to see the consequences of our choices more clearly. However, it’s important to remember that the decision-making process itself plays a crucial role in shaping those outcomes. Seeking wise counsel can often lead to better outcomes and help you avoid potential pitfalls. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the support you need on your decision-making journey.

The Pain of Loss vs. The Pleasure of Gains

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we are talking about the concept of loss aversion. The study I reference in this video highlights the fact that most people need to win twice as much as they lose in order to participate in any venture that involves risk. Said differently, the sting of lose hurts twice as much as the thrill of win. This finding sheds light on the importance of understanding our individual risk tolerance and how it can impact how we invest. Attached to this email is a risk questionnaire. It is a very unique questionnaire that is actually fun to take. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions, you can gain valuable insights into your own appetite for risk. If you do answer the questions, please reply to this email and let us know what your risk score or letter is.

Matt’s Minutes – Why The Value Of Your Investment Account Isn’t Important

This might be the most controversial episode Matt has ever produced. In this week’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we are discussing why the balance of your investment account doesn’t really matter. Now that I have your attention, hear me out. Click the video above to see why.


Matt references dollar cost averaging in this video. If you want to see a great example of dollar cost averaging, watch this video: Dollar-Cost Averaging: A Magic Trick

Matt’s Thoughts On The Market: Past, Present & Future

In this episode of Matt’s Minutes, Matt shares his personal thoughts on markets: past, present, and future.  This is something we don’t normally do. Be sure to watch the video, I’ll cover:


  1. Inflation
  2. Future Rate Hikes
  3. Market Cycle
  4. What I see happening in the near future


Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can offer clarity to you or anyone that you care about.

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