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Are Bonds Broken?

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we were discussing bonds. While bonds may have disappointed us last year, it’s important to understand how interest rates impact the value of bonds and why they underperformed last year. In the video above, Matt explains this inverse relationship, and by understanding the dynamics of bonds, investors can anticipate how changes in interest rates may affect the value of bonds in their portfolios. 

The Year of the Unicorn

In this week’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we are discussing why 2022 was the year of the unicorn, this video shows how unique and unheard of some of the market movements & interest rate hikes were. Click the video above to hear Matt talk about how that may affect 2023.

2023 Retirement Contribution Updates

Every so often the IRS updates the amount you are eligible to contribute into your retirement plans such as your 401(k) through your employer or your IRA & Roth IRAs. If you’re already retired this video does not apply to you. See highlights of the changes discussed in this video & highlighted below.

How a Market Correction Can Benefit You

It’s important to understand how investor behavior during a market correction can potentially impact the balance of your portfolio over time. In this week’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we take a look at an interesting visual that spans over 41 years, and we discuss the three investor behaviors: buying, selling or doing nothing. Click on the video above to watch and learn how a market correction can actually benefit you!

Is This The Recession We Have been Waiting For?

In this episode of Matt’s Minutes, I share my thoughts and opinions on the recent market volatility we’ve been experiencing. Ultimately my primary focus is to educate my clients & provide good foundational advice. If you’ve been watching your accounts or the news and have been concerned about what you’re seeing and hearing, watch the video below.


In this video I share:

  • The average yearly pull back in the market
  • History of the markets
  • A 10% pullback in the market isn’t newsworthy
  • How much the market pulled back during 2020 in the beginning of COVID-19 & it’s recovery

Be sure to check out the video I sent out nearly one year ago – referenced in the above video.  My thoughts on the market were accurate:


Are we headed for a correction?


(Copy and paste this link into a chrome, internet explorer, or safari web browser to view the video)

Beware Of Phone Scams

To help you steer clear of fraudsters, here are a few warning signs and best practices to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize, even if the numbers appear to be local (spammers accomplish this through a practice called spoofing).
  2. If you do answer the phone but become suspicious or feel pressured in any way, don’t hesitate to hang up immediately. 
  3. Beware of anyone who calls themselves a “health care representative,” a “government representative,” a “health insurance counselor,” or who says they’re from a medical discount plan. 
  4. Similarly, question anyone who claims to be from a trusted retailer, financial institution, internet or service provider, or law enforcement. If they are legitimate, they will be more than willing to give you their name and a callback number. 
  5. If the caller asks for personal information or payment, you can be almost certain the call is a scam. 
  6. Still in doubt? Hang up and contact your health insurance providers directly using the customer service number on your insurance card or the provider’s website.

A Brief Discussion About I Bonds

This week we are talking about I bonds, purely to educate and inform on what they are as we have been getting a lot of questions recently. Series I Savings Bonds are a government-issued bond earning interest based on a fixed rate plus a variable rate based on inflation. This savings bond is issued directly by the U.S. Treasury and cannot be held at any brokerage firm or sold at banks.

  • Per person maximum annual investment = $10,000 (plus $5,000 using federal income tax refund)
  • 30-year maturity. Cannot be redeemed prior to one year. If redeemed after one year but before five years, the holder forfeits the last three months of interest.
  • The current variable rate (based on CPI-Consumer Price Index) on the new Series I Bond changed in May to 9.62%. This rate will be good through October.
  • The variable rate resets every six months.
  • To buy Series I Savings Bonds go to TreasuryDirect.gov . They are NOT SOLD IN OPEN MARKET, BANKS or RAYMOND JAMES.

Please refer to https://www.savingsbonds.gov for all information or to address any questions you may have.

Is now a good time to sell and move to cash?

A common question that people sometimes ask is: “Does it ever make sense to get out of the market, or at what point in time does it makes sense to get out of the market?” Today in Matt’s Minutes we discuss this concept by using an example of two different investors. One investor that rides the ups and downs of the market and then the other who gets out and misses the downturn and then back in when they are feeling more comfortable. This is an age-old conversation that people have had and will continue to have. Our advice has always been and will always be that getting out of the market only to get back in when they feel more comfortable is a 100% losing proposition. The reason is in Matt’s almost 20 years of experience he has never seen anyone effectively execute this. Periodically we have clients say that they know people that have been lucky enough to sell prior to a drop in the market and bought back in at the right time, but the key word here is LUCK. Luck is not a strategy; therefore, it should not be relied upon.

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