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Prevention Vs. Cure

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we dive into the topic of prevention versus cure when it comes to retirement planning. As the saying goes,

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Rule of 72

Over the next couple of weeks Dylan will be doing a three part investment series covering the topics of the rule of 72, inflation, and

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We’re excited to present the 2nd part in our 3-part series hosted by Dylan. Today’s video is all about inflation. What inflation is, and how

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Compound Interest

The final video in this 3-part series is about the power of compound interest. In this video Dylan shares valuable lessons about how compound interest

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Moving Update

This week, we have an exciting update regarding our new office location. We will be moving office locations from our office in the Mill Creek

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Are Bonds Broken?

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we were discussing bonds. While bonds may have disappointed us last year, it’s important to understand how interest rates

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Need Help With Insurance?

Reach out to Health Insurance NW for your insurance needs! ·         Employer Group & Employee Health Benefits ·         Individual & Family Health Insurance ·         Health

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