Prevention Vs. Cure

In today’s episode of Matt’s Minutes, we dive into the topic of prevention versus cure when it comes to retirement planning. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Our goal is to help you take the necessary steps now to avoid potential financial pitfalls later and ensure your financial security in retirement. Just as in healthcare, where prevention is better than cure, the same principle applies to your financial well-being. Click on the video above to watch the full video.

Struggle Creates Strength

In today’s video, Matt is diving into the concept of transformation through struggle and how it builds strength, drawing inspiration from the remarkable process of metamorphosis. Think about the journey of a caterpillar as it transforms into a butterfly. Similarly, in our own lives, we encounter moments of struggle and challenge. Now, let’s apply this to our finances and investing, such as during a recession or the financial crisis. It’s important to recognize that these struggles are not setbacks; they’re opportunities for growth and transformation. Click above to watch the full video.

The Danger Lies In The Trek Down The Mountain

 In this video Matt is standing on the top of a mountain in Lake Chelan. He’s discussing how hiking a mountain parallels the risks people face once they retire. It’s often been said that people are more likely to be injured or killed descending a mountain than climbing up it. Retirement is no different. Making a mistake with your investments while still working (climbing the mountain), will more than likely not end in calamity. However, making a mistake in retirement (descending the mountain) may not be something that can be recovered from. As a point of reference, Matt isn’t trying to impose fear on those of you that are retired regarding a market downturn. He’s referring to being overly risky when you don’t need to, taking speculative bets with investments that you may not fully understand, panicking and getting out of the market until you feel more comfortable. These are instances that you have control over and avoided with sound guidance.

Here at Ross Financial we specialize in helping people navigate the complexities of retirement. If you know people who are retired or thinking about retiring within the next 5 years, we would love to offer our expertise to them. Feel free to share this video with them.

Don’t retire FROM work…

In this episode of Matt’s Minutes, we are discussing the idea that instead of retiring “from” work, think of retiring “to” fill in the blank. So often, people get caught up in their identity at work that when they retire, they tend to face feelings of isolation, seclusion, and loneliness. Retiring to something meaningful and fulfilling can help maintain a sense of purpose and connection. By focusing on what you are retiring to, you can create a post-work life that is vibrant, rewarding, and filled with new opportunities. 

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